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 . Fletcher .
 . Fletcher .  . Fletcher .  . Fletcher .  . Fletcher .
  • Pit Bull Terrier, Boxer
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
Approximately 17 month old Fletcher is a fun, active friendly pooch. We are unsure of his mix. He has the sweetness of a Pit Bull, and the playful energy of a Boxer, but we really don't know his mix. He weighs approx 45 lbs, on the shorter side. He’s a happy go lucky kind of guy. He’s good with people and other dogs. Not super interested in cats, squirrels or birds while on a walk, but not cat tested. Fletcher loves people. However, he may be a bit too playful and his "happy tail" may be too much for a toddler. Being hit by that happy tail of his may not be fun for a small child. Fletcher loves belly rubs, going for walks, and would love a running partner if possible. He's good on a leash, and enjoys sniffing and exploring. He loves the outdoors and must be on a leash unless in a fenced in area. Fletcher will need a home with a secure, 6ft wooden fence, another playful- YOUNG, friendly dog would be a huge bonus~ A family or person with LOTS of time to spend with him will be best for Fletcher. He would not be happy if left home alone. His previous owner obviously socialized him, but didn’t work a lot on basic manners. He will need continued training on sit, down, stay...etc. He's not obnoxious, just wasn't given the proper training yet. Fletcher is potty trained. What he lacks in basic manners, he makes up with lots of affection and kisses. (he loves a good belly rub too) He’d make a great running partner, cuddle bug and best friend. Adoption fee: $250 Includes: Wellness exam, neuter, microchip, up to date shots, flea control For more info on Fletcher, please email:
Young, Male, Medium
 . Hawke .
 . Hawke .  . Hawke .  . Hawke .
  • German Shepherd Dog
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without cats
Introducing handsome Hawke. Rescued from life on a chain, this handsome, smart, approximately 11-12 month old boy is searching for “the right home” for his cautious, nervous, yet loving and loyal temperament. He’s a good boy, with a little residual baggage from his past life he’s working through, he’s proving to be a wonderful Companion. ***PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION, WE ARE SEARCHING FOR A SPECIFIC TYPE OF HOME FOR HAWKE*** *** please email for any questions or an APPLICATION : We adopt to local homes only, in the Portland, metro area. Here is some info his foster has shared about Hawke, and the type of home that will be best suited for him. Hawke has advanced much quicker than I could have imagined. Going from a terrified dog, hiding in the back of his crate, to learning to trust is foster and be happy and at the front of his crate when approached! Tail wagging. I feel confident that he is at a point that I can hand him off, and let him bond with the people that he will live with forever. In saying this, any interested party needs to know that he is still extremely shy and intimidated by the newness of his new world. The sound of shoes kicking gravel, leaves rustling, a human's quick movement can make him JUMP and scatter in fear. Once he bonds with you and trusts you, he recovers quickly with a tail wag and returns to you for some positive reinforcement pats. With continued socializing and meeting new people he's becoming more curious of people, but still has a ways to go... not allowed this socialization as a young puppy has made him this way, his temperament is good, he's just very skittish. He will need a home where there is a person home all day, or a work from home owner. He will do best as an only dog, which is actually typical for his breed. German Shepherds are a loyal breed and love the companionship of their human(s). Possibly, a very even tempered, non-dominant large breed dog in the home may work. He is totally neutral towards young kids, but would do best in a home with older kids that can read/understand dog body language. Hawke has been cat/ squirrel tested. His is prey drive appears it may be too strong to safely live with a cat or tiny breed dog. A home with a secure, 6ft+ fenced yard for Hawke's safety. This boy WANTS so badly to attach to a person. He will be a fantastic, loyal, companion dog, that is eager to learn, once he bonds to you. He was under socialized due to his past-but once he gets what you are asking of him, he does it with confidence. He is so smart. Since being in rescue, he is socialized on a daily basis. His adopter must be willing to continue his socialization, we want Hawke to live a full and happy life. He rides great in the car, no pacing, barking, drooling. Hawke is becoming more confident on his short daily walks. He was trying to engage with the neighbors through the fence. With encouragement he let the boy touch his nose, and sniffed the adult male. Because he trust his foster, he is more accepting of her encouraging him to trust others. If you are a true lover of German Shepherds, and know this breed well, you would be fortunate to add this guy to your life. He is close to a year old, so you will have a lifetime of the best bond you could imagine. With complete dedication and consistency on your part, Hawke will continue to soar. Dogs like Hawke, that work through all these fears by trusting you become soul to soul relationships. If you are interested in filling out an application for Hawke or have questions, please email: Adoption Fee: $350 Includes: wellness exam, neuter, microchip, deep ear clean, up to date shots
Young, Male, Large
 . Maui .
 . Maui .  . Maui .  . Maui .  . Maui .  . Maui .  . Maui .
  • Labrador Retriever, Pit Bull Terrier
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Special Needs
Maui - Female -DOB -12/30/17 >>>>>> For more information or an application to adopt please email: Beautiful Maui appears to possibly be a mix of Chocolate Lab, German short hair Pointer, Pit Bull. A lovely spirit, gentle, a timid dog until she knows you. Very shy. She has the body of a Pointer, tall and lean, the loving eyes of a Pit Bull and the goofy, playfulness of a Lab. She loves to play fetch, chew on squeaky toys and play with other dogs. She also likes to snuggle with her human foster parents. She's a very gentle, playful, sweet -but timid dog. Maui will need a home in the suburbs or country with a 5-6ft wooden fence, and a decent sized yard. She enjoys having playtime in the yard to play and romp with another dog, and likes to follow the humans around when doing yard work. Due to her timid behavior around people, she will need at least one other friendly, YOUNG, playful. medium to large dog to live with and grow up with. Without this, she will NOT be a happy dog, so it is a must. City life will not work for Maui, she is too nervous for city living. All the cars and people would make her extremely uncomfortable. Maui is great with other friendly dogs and cats. She would love a home with both! She's playful and a very happy puppy, She enjoys being with other dogs so much that we will only adopt her into a home with another young, playful, medium/large dog. Once she knows you, she is the sweetest, cuddly, playful, gentle puppy. At first she is leery of new people and will run. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, she's just nervous at first and fearful. It will take her a bit of time to become comfortable with her new humans... but once she gains your trust, she will follow you around and be your best friend. Maui, unfortunately was NOT properly socialized at the crucial weeks of her young life that she needed to be. Because of this, she's a VERY TIMID dog around new people. She's NEVER aggressive, has never attempted to bite, she just shies away from people until she trust them... which will take time and patience. She's such a sweet dog, she just needs the right home, one that understands how to work with confidence building. Recap: Maui is sweet, gentle, playful and great with people, once she knows them. If she doesn't know someone, she tries to run away from them. She has never attempted to nip or even grow.... she's just timid. With continued socialization, she's doing better! She was never abused, she was raised with her mama and siblings, then surrendered to rescue because the owners couldn't afford to alter all the pups and wanted the best for them. Maui is timid when meeting new people/places so she needs a lot of continued socializing. Having another friendly, well balanced canine sibling will help her overcome this. She's potty trained and crate trained, and walks pretty well on a leash, UNTIL she sees a stranger, then she becomes fearful. Her leash skills are pretty good, until she sees something that frightens her. (like a stranger/human), then she becomes nervous and aware of everything around her. She will greet other dogs nicely. Due to Maui's need for more social training we are looking for a home with plenty of time to devote to continued outings/socialization. She's not a dog that will do well left home alone for hours. She is energetic, playful and most likely destructive if left home along and gets bored. A daycare would be too much for her. Maui is crate trained, but LOVES to share the human bed. If her crate is in a bedroom with a human, she is fine crated. Maui will do best placed in a home with another young, playful, medium/large, well balanced dog, to learn from and grow old with. A dog friendly cat would be a bonus. She tries so hard to get the cats in her foster home to be her friends. Maui is a sensitive, timid dog by nature that wants nothing more than to please. She loves her humans and is a big cuddle bug, once she trusts. She will need a home that understands working with a timid dog. If yelled at, she will shrivel and run from it. >>> For more information or an application to adopt please email: Maui will do best in a home that has someone home a lot. Not only for socializing, potty training and leash training, but because she's a people dog. She's not needy, just not a dog to be left home alone for hours. She will need a home with a large, 5-6 foot high fenced yard. She will do best with access to both inside and out, she loves being in the yard playing, but also wants to snuggle on the couch or floor near you. Maui is adjusting to car rides. She settles in, mainly because she's afraid. She doesn't whine, bark or pace. She will need continued help getting used to car rides. Long rides, she may throw up. :/ But is getting better! >>>>> For more information or an application to adopt please email: ***WE ONLY ADOPT WITHIN 30 MILES OF BEAVERTON, OR*** Our adoption process: Application - approval Meet and greet - approval Home check - approval (for the safety of our rescued dogs) ADOPTION Adoption Fee: $250 Includes: Wellness exam, spay, microchip, up to date puppy shots, worm treatments, flea treatment, 30 days free pet insurance (Trupanion) and one beautiful, sweet puppy >>>>For more information or an application to adopt please email:
Young, Female, Medium
 . Lady .
 . Lady .  . Lady .
  • Chihuahua
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Special NeedsPrefers home without small kids
Lady is a sweet little dog, ONCE she gets to know new people. ONCE bonded she loves to sit on your lap, and will sleep on your lap for as long as you sit. She is approx 12 years old and wants nothing more that to sit near her humans and be loved. She is great with cats and other small male dogs. Not a huge fan of large dogs, or female dogs, she tolerates them, but would rather not have to. NO BIG dog families, or female dogs in the home please. She is potty trained. But does have a medical issue, sometimes she "can't hold it". She tries, but due to her health issue, sometimes her "plumbing" doesn't work quite right. Lady needs someone home a lot that is able to take her out often to relieve herself. Her health issues do not allow her to always "hold it". She takes weekly medication for this. This medication has to be compounded by a specialty pharmacy, it costs approximately $60 per prescription. Lady is afraid of little kids. Their quick movements and voices scare her, she growls and will snap, but she has never bitten. She has expressed her fear and will not go to a home with kids under 15 yrs. We don't want to set her up to fail or bite. Lady was allowed to sleep on the bed with her previous owner, she has been allowed the same sleeping arrangement in her foster home, WE WOULD PREFER SHE GO TO A HOME THAT WILL ALLOW HER TO CONTINUE SLEEPING ON THEIR BED WITH THEM.    She doesn't move around much Lady Is a joy to be around. She's adorable and wants to be where ever her humans are, she loves car rides and taking walks. BUT her walks must be at her pace or she injures herself. Due to dwarfism, she rolls onto the tops of her feet if you tug on the leash to get her to follow you, when she rolls her feet she scrapes the skin off. She isn't much of a barker.  A home with another small dog(s) is a MUST, she really NEEDS a small male canine companion. Tricks? She thinks tricks are for kids not dogs. Lady would love a home with people home a lot. She likes to snuggle up on the couch with you. She doe not like to be picked up, it terrifies her (she must have been dropped ). Picking her up must be done slowly. Due to her dwarfism, she needs "doggie" stairs to help her onto the bed or couch, she uses them like a champ. She could use, and would love a walk or two a day to help keep her girlish figure. She walks very well on the leash and harness at her pace or she damages her feet due to dwarfism if you go too fast. Lady has been diagnosed with a form of canine dwarfism. She doesn't have great balance when walking on soft surfaces, like the covers on your bed. She has a cute prance when she runs, due to the way her bones grew. Only noticeable when looking for it. Going for a walk is a bit challenging, because she rolls onto the top of her feet and can cause bleeding abrasions. Her dwarfism also affects her ability to hold her urine and feces at times. Lady is on medication now that HELPS with her incontinence issue. Adoption fee: $150  Includes: spay, microchip, UTD shots, worm treatment, flea treatment. For more info please contact
Senior, Female, Small
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