Our Stories

Tig(ger) – 2019

Video above was taken after the 1st surgery. 

Meet Tigger! Tigger (Tig) has a condition in which is back legs are malformed and turned the wrong direction. He was rescued in Pendleton, brought to Portland. He has surgery on his left and right beck legs at OSU vet school. Here is a video of him in his foster home using his newly repaired leg first leg. They were able to turn his leg around so it is facing the correct direction We are grateful for all your donations that help Tig live a normal life and our other rescues. Surgeries have cost around $10,000 for both legs and Recovery. They were very complex and long surgeries. While that may seem like a lot for one little cat, we know that without surgery his quality of life would be poor. Every life matters and we thank you everyone for all our donations to help cover Tigs costs. He had very successful surgeries and has since been happy, healthy, and learning to walk on his new legs.  

Sophia – 2018

Sophia is named after the kind and generous lady that donated funds for her life saving surgery. 

Baby Sophia was found abandoned with her mama and littermates at a rental property. (along with many other dogs/ puppies) in 2018.

When rescuers picked her up, they noticed part of her leg had been (gulp) eaten or bitten off! She had surgery later that same day to remove her infected nub of a leg. 

She had a quick exam (thank you Dr Patti), her pain management dialed in, antibiotics onboard and began to rest comfortably with a full belly and lots of love. She’s such a good lil puppy. Her mama and Auntie appear to be Lab mix. They also look Great Pyrenees, but are way too small at only 40-45lbs. All of the once abandoned dogs are now being cared for, thanks to the efforts of several rescues, spearheaded by Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue. (a small, underfunded, all volunteer, 501-c3 nonprofit rescue in Hermiston, OR- hint hint on the underfunded comment) 


Sweet Sophia has been adopted.

Mason – 2018

We brought Mason into rescue when he was just 4 days old in 2018. Mason suffered from a Cleft Palate which didn’t allow him to suckle during feeding. Thanks to weeks of tube feeding and then weaning him onto Freshpet small/soft bite kibble he’s GROWING like a weed!! 
SHOUT OUT: Thank you FRESHPET for DONATING the most desired food for weaning cleft puppies. These small “meatball” like bites are what many rescuers of cleft palate puppies use. They’re large enough to not get stuck in open palate, yet small and soft enough for a 4 week old puppy to eat.  Thanks to Freshpet and their generous donation of multiple bags of this specific food~ Mason has had ZERO ISSUES with food lodging in his cleft causing infection. He’s been a healthy happy puppy! Mason Has found his forever home!

Roxy – 2018

This is what your donations help us do! YAY YOU! 
Roxy came into rescue with a severely fractured leg. Fast forward and LOOK- 10 days after surgery and she’s using her leg with nearly every step. We are dedicated to saving sweet Roxy’s leg and we did it! Roxy has been adopted a sweet loving home! 😀

Khaleesi – 2017

Sweet Khaleesi came into rescue in 2017.. Extremely emaciated, so sick and near death. It was determined that she has diabetes and it nearly cost her, her life. We are over the moon excited that her new family found her! Yes, Khaleesi needs insulin shots daily, and her diabetes has taken most of her sight away, but this compassionate couple didn’t waiver, they met her and fell in love with Khaleesi, special needs and all. 
They are dedicated to loving and caring for Khaleesi. In return, Khaleesi will fill their hearts with joy. She is a gentle, loving, sweet soul that shares her love with everyone she meets. Congratulations Khaleesi, we are so happy for you and your new family. Pets like Khaleesi are the heart of rescue. Healthy, cute little puppies and kittens are the back bone and get adopted swiftly, their adoption fees help us offset the high costs of cases like Khaleesi. 

When we ask for donations it’s for cases that need immediate medical attention like Khaleesi. Many of you jump right in and help when you can ~ Thank you so very much. We thank you all for stepping up when we ask for help.  It most definitely takes a village to run an all-volunteer rescue. 

Maple – 2017

Sweet little Maple is the result of a “free pet day” event at a nearby shelter. Maple was “adopted” as a Christmas gift from one sister to another. The “adopter” didn’t pay a fee, unfortunately, Maple to her “adopter” was worth what she paid for her…. nothing. This person says that she lost Maple just days after taking her home to her apartment complex on 11/24. Then a few days after Thanksgiving, poor little Maple had been seen by neighbors sleeping under a dumpster in the pouring rain, another saw her running around the complex multiple times. (both, thinking she was a neighbor’s dog, tried to catch her but she ran away). Maple hadn’t truly run away, but the person that adopted her cared so little for her, that she never posted lost flyers, never contacted the local shelter, never did ANYTHING to find her… didn’t even continue looking for her after a day or two. Maple stayed nearby, she hadn’t truly run away. :/

Luckily for Maple about a month after living on her own, one of NWAC’s finest foster couples Rebecca and Brian, CAUGHT HER!! Poor little Maple was starving, limping badly and was extremely emaciated, she finally gave up. They caught her RIGHT UNDER her “adopters” front stairway/porch! How did she never see Maple? She didn’t care… Her rescuers fed her a little food, wrapped her in a blanket and rushed her to check for a microchip, and to determine how we were going to proceed with getting her seen by a vet ASAP. IF she had an owner, we couldn’t legally get treatment for her, without consent. 

Maple was chipped; we contacted the owner, told her that it appeared that her starving, extremely skinny, and had been hit by a car. That Maple had multiple wounds and contusions, and was limping, holding up her leg as if it was broken… she quickly told us that she didn’t want “the dog”… that she got the dog (in November) for her sister as a Christmas present, and that when she “lost” Maple, she told her sister and her sister replied that she DIDN’T want a dog! :/

The “owner”, without guilt or a second thought, signed Maple over to NWAC. Off we raced to Viking Veterinary Care, we called and explained Maple’s condition, and Dr Gilbert said to bring her right in. They squeezed her into their schedule, for that we are very thankful. <3  After a gentle, fear free, thorough exam, X-rays and an ultrasound (to confirm that she didn’t have a punctured bladder) it was determined that Maple’s pelvis is broken in 3 places! She has a nasty wound on her head and all four legs have scrapes and wounds on them, most likely from being rolled by a car after it hit her. 

And through it all, Maple remained calm and sweet. Like she understood that we were helping her.
Dr Gilbert was fairly certain, that surgery was not going to be needed, but to be certain, she suggested that we have the very skilled surgeon Dr. Shawn Thomas take a look at her as well.
Off to Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency… the best pet ER around. Dr Thomas determined at this time that NO SURGERY is needed! YAY! After months of rehab and TLC she was adopted to a very loving home! Sweet maple will never sleep on the streets again. 

Little Maple went from the streets of CA, to a shelter in WA, to an not so great adopter in OR, got “lost”, hit by a car that broke her pelvis, was extremely emaciated…. then one of OUR wonderful volunteer couples, caught her……… after weeks of healing, love and FOOD, Maple has made a great recover and has now found a REAL, FOREVER HOME. She fit right in with her new canine brother and parents, like it was meant to be.
Congrats to you and your new family Maple.

Caspie – 2014

Caspie came to us very sick and neglected in 2014, but through it all, she still loved people! She had mange, which left her with no hair. No hair left her vulnerable to sunburn, which left her with open wounds on her back. Caspie also had a double ear infection, yeast infection in her feet and pneumonia. With time and a lot of love and care, Caspie began to heal. Her hair began growing back, and she began putting some much needed weight on.  

When Caspie was well enough, we took her to a playdate with other Boxers. Caspie had a blast playing with the others. She fit right in, and had very few issues. She was down, but with love and attention, Caspie bounced right back! This is the first time we saw Caspie in the Boxer stance. The other boxer’s owner thought it was so cute and just proof that Caspie was by far an exceptional girl!

Caspie is proof that time and love can heal anything. Caspie found her forever home about 3 months after she came to us. If you saw her now, you would never know the horrible life she lead prior to her rescue.

Bowdin – 2014

Bowdin came into NWAC with a broken leg in 2014. He was found along the side of the road in a ditch. He’d been hit by a car and left to die. Northwest Animal Companions took Bowdin into rescue. Then we had the amazing surgeon Dr. Thomas at Tanasbourne ER pin his broken leg. After a couple of months in a wonderful volunteer foster home, Bowdin was adopted!

Toby – 2014

Toby was purchased as a cute, little, fluffy puppy in Pendleton, Oregon. Winter came and his owners put a sweater on him and tossed Toby out in the yard to live. As the months went by, his fur grew over and around the sweater.  Once taken into rescue in 2014, NWAC had Toby rushed to a vet in Eastern Oregon by a partnering rescue.

Tobys fur was so badly matted and overgrown; he had to be sedated to have the sweater surgically removed from his body. He had a terrible infection and his matted fur was tearing his skin. Through all of this, Toby stayed a loving, sweet pup and he still loves humans.  Toby has been adopted, to a lovely couple, he will NEVER want for anything ever again…. And he lives INDOORS.

Jonah – 2014

At 5 weeks old, Jonah had been stepped on and had his growth plate broken. He came into Northwest Animal Companions Rescue in 2014 and we promptly sent him to a specialist. His leg had stopped growing. The surgeon placed actuators on his leg. His foster parents had to turn the dials daily to produce bone growth. Amazing stuff! Jonah was such a trooper through all of this, that his foster family fell in love and adopted him.  NWAC saved his leg, now he hikes mountains with his family.