Adoption Process & Forms

Are you interested in adopting one of our available Dogs or Cats? You’ve come to the right place. Below are the NWAC steps taken before completing an Adoption. These steps may change slightly depending on the animals and adopters needs.

All Our Available Dogs and Cats are up to date on all vaccinations, micro-chipped, and have been spayed and neutered. The cats have also been tested for FeLV/FIV. Unless specified otherwise they have all been given a clean bill of health and are ready to romp and roll.

Cat Adoptions

Step 1. We have two different applications:

1) If you are interested in Jessica’s Kittens please contact her directly or use instagram: @swiftiekittens

2) For Cats found on Petfinder and all other NWAC cats apply here: Adoption Application

Step 2. Meet and Greet – We will get the potential adopter and the cat together either at an Adoption Event or in the Fosters home. We encourage you to bring everyone who lives in the home to this meet

Step 3. Finalize the Adoption – We will finalize the adoption paperwork and you get to go home with your new furry friend.

Dog Adoptions:

Step 1. Fill out an Adoption Application – This can either be through or by using the following link.

Adoption Application

Step 2. Meet and Greet – This can either be done at an Adoption event or one-on-one in a public location. This is an opportunity for the dog and the potential adopter to meet each other before moving forward. we also encourage you to bring any other dogs you have in the home to this meeting.

Step 3. Home Check and Finalize the Adoption – We will bring the dog to your home to complete a home check. This consists of making sure the home is a safe place to have an animal. If you have a fenced backyard we will also be checking to make sure it is secure and safe. After making sure the home is safe we will be finalizing the last of the paperwork and leave your new furry friend with you.

Our Adoptions