We’re looking for a foster home for Tess.  She is a great family dog — especially with older kids who won’t get knocked over when she walks by.  Tess is such a love, the first time I picked her up to take her to an adoption event, it took me 20 minutes and lots of treats to get her into my car.  Not in the crate in my car, mind you, just in the actual car.  Now that she has seen me a grand total of 3 or 4 times, she readily hops into the car, right into the crate and gets a treat for remembering me between adoption events.  She doesn’t easily trust that first time but is willing to trust pretty quickly which is a difference from dogs that have been strays or come from a shelter situation.  Tess is adaptable and willing to learn.  Her current foster family is going away for one month this summer to visit family so… Tess is looking for a foster OR forever family.  If you could help her…very cool!  Please call 503-285-0656 to meet Tess.