New beginnings

So many pups in their new homes and doing so well with their new families.  It is always encouraging to hear good stories of the kindness and concern adoptive families have to make the transition into the new home as seamless as possible.  We had a cat in the “cat room” at Viking Vet who has now moved to a foster home as the next step of her transition to hopefully a loving home.  We appreciate the opportunity to display our wonderful cats at the vet clinic because it exposes them to potential homes and allows people to see their personalities.

Today we participated in a volunteer fair at a local company that gives their employees XX amount of paid volunteer hours during the year.  Of course, there are a number of organizations that had displays as well as NWAC.  I learned a lot just being part of the options available to employees.  I always enjoy talking with people interested in animal rescue – a large number of whom have rescue animals in their homes and just can’t say enough about how wonderful their dog/cat is and how well it fits into their family.  Rescue doesn’t work without adopters.  Yes, we need foster homes for the transition but ultimately, we need adopters who are willing to put the effort into welcoming a new family member.  Maybe that describes you…


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