How to Help


All our animals are in Foster Homes! If we don’t find a foster home for incoming dogs and cats, then we can’t take them in. This is why they need YOU. You could be an integral part in helping us bring dogs and cats into rescue and helping them find their forever homes.

What is required of our fosters:
~ That you live close to the Beaverton, Oregon Area – Our vet and adoption events often happen in this area
~ That you provide a safe and loving temporary home for our rescues
~ That you are willing to take our rescue kitties and pups to and from adoption events and vet visits

We provide all supplies needed to care for our animals. Food, Kennels, Toys, Blankets, and Vet Bills are all paid for by Fundraisers and Donations. We DO NOT ask our fosters to front any costs when caring for our animals in rescue.

If you’d like to learn more about other ways you can help please reach out. We are always in need of Event Volunteers and people to help Socialize the animals.

Interested in fostering? Email


Do you Shop using Amazon? Lucky for you we have made it easy. Check out our amazon wish list below for items that we are always looking for and could really use to help keep our rescue animals happy and healthy.

Sweet little Pinny was adopted by a wonderful couple back in August of ’15. Pinny and her new family paid us a visit to drop off some much needed donations.


Money Donations:

Attn: NWAC Donations
6663 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy., #104
Portland, OR 97225

We cannot accept cash donations so please do not send them. You can send us Paypal Donations by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top of the screen.

Donation proceeds help cover costs of vet care, spays and neuters, vaccinations, food and supplies.

NWAC is always looking for Volunteers to help us complete specific tasks such as…

Event Volunteers – Staff a table at one of our upcoming events or help us plan a fundraiser / event

Socialization – Come and play with our dogs and cats so we can get them use to new people

Grant Writers – Help us write grants that help fund our rescue

Training – Train our dogs basic commands while in rescue

and More…

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If you can foster, please FOSTER 🐾
If you can’t foster, please DONATE ❤️

1. FULL SUITE KITTEN PACKAGE: $30, includes bed, blankets, pre-natal food, kitten chow
2. INITIAL KITENS IMMUNIZATIONS PACKAGE: $15 for lifesaving mama and kitten immunizations 
3. GERBER KITTEN PACKAGE: $7, includes kitten food and toys… or any other amount you’d like to donate! 🐾

If you donate a Full Suite Package, we will ask you to name your suite β€œin celebration of” and notify you when your suite reservation is activated by a pregnant Mama. You will receive a picture and the number of kittens born in a warm, welcoming place as a result of your donation – not born out under a bridge some place vulnerable to predators. NWAC pays all costs for fosters including food, medical needs and bedding. Thank you! Teamwork saves lives! 😻

Donate during 2019 using the “Donate” Button on the top right corner of your screen!

Thank you for all the AMAZING donations! We couldn’t do it without generous people like you. 

Special thank you to Petco and Mud Bay for their continued donations  throughout the years. 

Thank you so much for considering Donating your time and hard earned money. We appreciate it so much and know the dogs and cats saved because of your generosity do as well.