Five Weeks Of Terror

Can you imagine that?  Sweeney and Miss Lovett were placed with an experienced cat-foster several weeks ago.  Our foster offered a quiet, child-free home with one other cat.  For FIVE WEEKS Miss Lovett was a ghost.  Oh, she came out and ate, she used the litter box but she was not seen.  Sweeney was out and about (all 18 lbs of him!) but no sign of Miss Lovett.  When she finally decided it might be safe to come out, she proved herself desperate for love and attention.  Where is her forever family?  Someone who is willing to just let her be for however long it takes for her to feel safe enough to tip-toe out of the shadows?   Being a cat-foster is challenging, sometimes it takes every ounce of experience you have to coax a scared animal to trust a human one more time and then build on that experience.  Where are the adopters who are willing to put in their time without reward for a few weeks.  It’s not like a playful little kitten who frolics and plays with you and every dangling piece of string within 10 feet from the moment you lay eyes on it.  Yes, they are cute when they pounce and play – it is hard to resist a kitten and many of our fosters request to foster kittens and certainly we need kitten fosters especially during kitten season.  Unfortunately, we never seem to have enough adopters/fosters with the experience and patience to make a life-changing impact on all the Miss Lovett’s of the world.  Are you one of those people who are willing to put in the effort without reward until trust is given?  Miss Lovett needs someone of her very own.  Even watching Sweeney easily transition into the household was not enough for Miss Lovett to trust.  I can not imagine her in a shelter instead of a foster home.  It would be too much for her – it IS too much for many animals in transition.