Chico and Toby

I love fostering dogs!  They are so much fun to watch transition from scared little “I-don’t-know-what-is-happening-and-I’m-scared” to pups who are confident and loving.  It doesn’t matter what their circumstances – from little Gizmo who had a loving family but when they moved into their new home, they decided he would live in the garage to Chico whose family was impacted by cancer and needed to find him a new living situation.  Both dogs have experienced love.  Both dogs have had their worlds turned upside down.  Princess Sophia found wandering in a cornfield, Ziggy whose man died from cancer and his widow emotionally could not keep Ziggy.  In all these instances someone stepped in – for example, the neighbor who talked with Gizmo’s family convincing them that there should be more in his life than four garage walls.  Are you that person?  Are you alert to who and what is around you?  I hope so!  Be aware, get involved.  These little ones are voiceless and helpless without caring people who take the time to step in and help them get to a better situation.  Do you remember Cooper?  He is 80 lbs of love.  Cooper was brought to our attention by someone who knew his circumstances and stepped in to help him experience a better life.  Now, I get pictures from his forever family of him playing in a lake, riding in the truck, playing tug-o’-war and basically experiencing love and acceptance.  What a great picture!  You can be an artist for some little one who is waiting for you to help them draw their new picture.