Chico and Toby

I love fostering dogs!  They are so much fun to watch transition from scared little “I-don’t-know-what-is-happening-and-I’m-scared” to pups who are confident and loving.  It doesn’t matter what their circumstances – from little Gizmo who had a loving family but when they moved into their new home, they decided he would live in the garage to Chico whose family was impacted by cancer and needed to find him a new living situation.  Both dogs have experienced love.  Both dogs have had their worlds turned upside down.  Princess Sophia found wandering in a cornfield, Ziggy whose man died from cancer and his widow emotionally could not keep Ziggy.  In all these instances someone stepped in – for example, the neighbor who talked with Gizmo’s family convincing them that there should be more in his life than four garage walls.  Are you that person?  Are you alert to who and what is around you?  I hope so!  Be aware, get involved.  These little ones are voiceless and helpless without caring people who take the time to step in and help them get to a better situation.  Do you remember Cooper?  He is 80 lbs of love.  Cooper was brought to our attention by someone who knew his circumstances and stepped in to help him experience a better life.  Now, I get pictures from his forever family of him playing in a lake, riding in the truck, playing tug-o’-war and basically experiencing love and acceptance.  What a great picture!  You can be an artist for some little one who is waiting for you to help them draw their new picture.

Fostering is an adventure!

Cooper joined us about a month ago so that I could get to know him.  He integrated well with Maggie and Luna.  I’m once again walking three miles five days a week – yes, an 80 lb dog that needs daily exercise tends to motivate me.  He loves playing with the tennis ball but – it is no substitute for a walk.  So, we have Cooper (80 lbs), Luna (60 lbs) and Maggie (40 lbs) — and now we have temporarily added Bella and Toby.  They are each no bigger than a minute – probably 5-7 lbs each, litter-mates, 2 years old.  They need some canine socialization (Toby more than Bella) so I threatened Cooper, Luna and Maggie within an inch of their lives and told them they needed to STAY QUIET and NOT DO ANYTHING when introduced to Bella and then Toby.  The three big dogs sat like rocks – Bella and Toby were barking and clearly scared.  Maggie showed her teeth a couple of times but overall was restrained.  Cooper and Luna just watched the two little ones and then looked over at me with REALLY? written all over their faces.  That was four days ago – we are all doing fine now so I’m ready to up the ante and introduce Bella and Toby to additional dogs.  Bella and Toby are not leash savvy – the only thing that saves them is they are so small.  Even so, they need to learn how to walk on leash.  I took four of them out walking (Cooper, Luna, Bella and Toby) but four was too many.  Now Bella and Toby are walking with Maggie – three smaller dogs is a much more manageable walk.

I blame the snake …

Chewie stopped mid-stride during our evening walk, eyes riveted on the sidewalk.  Just as my foot was coming down, a sidewalk crack morphed into a little garter snake and slithered away.  It startled us but we continued our walk.  A brisk game of backyard catch with the tennis balls when we got home and then off to bed.  One of the other dogs brought a stuffed duck toy to bed and put it under her chin.  She must have wiggled it somehow because from across the bed, Chewie came alive.  He barked and rushed the dog/duck toy all the while shaking like a leaf.  It wasn’t until I tossed the duck toy to him and he pounced on it absolutely hysterical that I realized he was terrified but ready to defend himself.  The duck toy, which has been here for months without incident,  had to be removed from the room before peace was restored.  I totally blame the snake …

Help NWAC By Grocery Shopping!


Fred Meyer has recently rolled out an awesome program, Community Rewards, that helps you support your favorite nonprofit just by shopping at Fred Meyer with your Rewards Card. They are donating $2.5 million each year (up to $625,000 each quarter) to the local schools, community organizations and nonprofits of your choice! All you have to do is link your Rewards Card and use it when you shop at Fred Meyer.

To link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to Northwest animal Companions, click the Fred Meyer logo above to access their Community Rewards page, and click on ‘Link Your Rewards Card Now‘. Enter 86152 in the search field, which will bring up Northwest Animal Companions and click Save to finish! It’s so easy and it helps so much.

Don’t forget the dog biscuits and catnip!


A Rescue Story

jonah ivy pic
When Jonah came into rescue (11/7/13) at the wee age of seven weeks with a broken leg, his owners couldn’t pay to fix it and they were considering the worst. That’s when NWAC stepped in and took Jonah into rescue. Two broken bones in his front right leg. Plan: put a cast on it for seven weeks and~ ta-da!~ healed bones. Well, as fate would have it, the bones healed (thank you Greenway Vet Clinic for all you do to help our rescues), but the growth plate was damaged. One of Jonah’s bones, the ulna, had stopped growing. This was causing pain AND causing his growing radius bone to bow, causing his elbow to be pulled from its socket. YIKES!
Jonah underwent surgery,(2/20/14) his ulna was re-broken and pins put in his legs with actuators on the external part of the leg. He will need these turned once a day to help lengthen the bone that has stopped growing. (similar to what is done to help humans lengthen legs).
Jonah pins

This surgery was done at Veterinary Surgical Center Portland by a very well known orthopedic animal surgeon, Dr. Munjar. Everything is looking great so far. Jonah now has follow up appointments every 10 days with x-rays to determine when the bone stops growing. Once his bones stop growing in length Dr. Munjar will be able to remove the “leg extending” apparatus, and Jonah should have a strong, stable leg to romp and play like any normal pup!

Jonah leg lenghthener3

THIS BILL WILL BE HUGE. But this precious healthy  pup deserves every chance at a life without pain. It was a human that caused his leg injury… it will be humans that do all that they can to make it right. 🙂

NWAC runs 100% by donations. We are an ALL volunteer rescue (no one gets paid). ALL donations go back into the animals we save. We do this to help these animal have better lives.


If you can help with Jonah’s bill, please click on our Paypal Donate button on the right side of your screen or contact us as to where to send donations… EVERY dollar is greatly appreciated and needed.

Please help and SHARE Jonah’s story if you will.
Jonah deserves it~ he’s a great pup… really great pup!

Pictures with Santa

**Pictures with Santa was SO MUCH FUN** Special thanks to NWAC alumni who came back for a picture with Santa (and thanks to Santa!).  It is always fun to see the pups back again with their families.  Put us on your calendar for next year!


NWAC All Star

Thanks to the energy of her foster brother, Leo,  Layla was one of the calmest dogs at PETCO on adoption day.  She is looking for a family with a dog playmate OR a runner who is looking for a running companion.  Either way, she needs to be tired out every day — otherwise, she’ll be looking for trouble!  She is a little minx – full of energy and cute as a button!

The next chapter:  Thanks to everyone who keeps in touch with us regarding NWAC adoptees.  It is so nice to get updates and hear how everyone is doing.  What an encouragement to have feedback that the process has resulted in a great match and both humans and new family members are building strong bonds and great memories.

Always a challenge:  There are so many opportunities in rescue work; the need is overwhelming!  Thanks to everyone who steps up and gets involved either as an individual or as a family welcoming a new family member; a foster-home allowing time for an animal to transition; a quiet place for healing to take place.  We have been involved with a number of puppies who have presented to us with broken legs.  Our fosters are absolutely the best – whether it is taking a high energy dog into their home, calming a frightened semi-ferral kitten or nurturing puppies too little to be adopted yet – fosters are the backbone of rescue and we appreciate every single one who bring their compassion and skills to improve the life of an in-need dog and/or cat.

Donations gladly accepted!  Please use the Paypal link to the right to donate to our 501-C non-profit.  We do not have paid staff. We do not have a facility.  100% of your donation goes to the care of the animals.

Mac and Cheese

I think it is true – I have never met a mean orange tabby. As cats go, they are the mellowest cat-type I’ve seen. The first person who told me that – I was new to cat rescue at the time — but now that I have some experience behind me, I think they are correct. Mac and Cheese are so friendly! Cheese actually licked me today. Cheese is the one that comes up first to meet you, Mac hangs back a little bit. He didn’t come up to greet me for 2-3 visits but now he is front and center wanting attention with Cheese. Their first owner past away from cancer, second family lost their home — I am SO GLAD that our adopters take us seriously and if they can’t keep the animals they have adopted from us; the animals come back and we find them another great home.


Today I was on PETCO kitty watch. Finnegan is a well-sized cat but what a love. He crawled onto my lap, squirmed around on his back and let me pet his tummy. I could hear his purrs over the commotion of the store. Then – I saw a little pearl drop of drool come out of the corner of his mouth, he stretched full length to the tips of his toes. All it took was a little attention and some sweet-talk and he was complete mush. Honestly, we have the coolest cats in town!!


Of all the things you have to be thankful for – please take a minute to consider all the people working under difficult circumstances to help people and animals in areas that are recovering from unexpected disasters.  Kudos to the people who are trained and willing to put their lives on hold to help others.  Kudos to ordinary people who pay attention to the opportunities that are right in front of them and take the time to make a difference for someone else.  Take the challenge.  Be someone’s answer.  You can make a difference.


Volunteer appreciation brunch was great!  Good food  and good company.  It is nice to put names with faces…

Everything is moving right along.  We have cats – cats – cats wanting to be surrendered and we brought a few dogs over from Eastern Oregon so everything is jumping right now.

Bubba, Chloe, Mama Mia, Buddy and Vinnie were at PETCO today along with the cats.  They all did really well.  Bubba does not appreciate dogs who rush up to him — and Vinnie is a puppy — so that was a bit of a scramble for a minute but it all turned out fine.

Last week at PETCO there were some high school students sitting outside the door selling cookies – and that wind was COLD.  Some of their younger siblings were with them and two of the younger girls came inside to get warm and then offered to walk Bubba and Chloe all over the store.  That was by far my easiest adoption Saturday because I just sat alone at the table while the dogs pranced around being “shown”.  It was really cute.  Today I had the company of other fosters with their dogs and we had a lot of people stop by and talk.  An alumni dog (adopted by NWAC two years ago) came by with her owner and they stopped to visit – that is always fun!