Cassie and Marti

Cassie is the first pitbull that I have fostered and I have learned A LOT.  I think she was a drug dog in a previous life because she LOVES smelling cars.  Honestly, if I just stood next to her and pointed along the bottom of the car and around the tires, it would like like she was trained to sniff out drugs.  In reality, she circles the car (any car) two or three times and carefully smells the whole way around.  I don’t know what is up with that but I am not necessary to the process.

Marti is a cattle-dog, she is pretty insecure and while walking she will turn her head and suck on your fingers as you are walking along with her.  Really wants approval and listens.  She has found herself one dog friend and is learning to play and wrestle.  It is such a privilege to watch her gain confidence and grow.