Bella, Toby, Cooper, Maggie and Luna

Talk about a full house!  It is good for everyone.  Luna and Maggie “get” to share their toys and home, Cooper, Bella and Toby get to integrate into a bigger picture.  I have been clipping on Toby and Bella – mostly to help them get used to being handled.  To my surprise, Toby is sitting really well while I clip his hair – Bella is a little wiggle-worm and not at all cooperative with sitting still so she is looking a little lop-sided at the moment.  Now that I have looked at Bella a little closer, she is not totally black.  Her hind end is actually brown so it looks like she is wearing a pair of brown slacks.   Bella has the poodle tight curls; Toby’s hair is finer and wavy rather than curly.  Cooper had a meet and greet this afternoon and things went really well.  I am so excited for him!  On Friday, I will take him to his new home.  A very experienced couple and their current rescue dog (who is almost Cooper’s twin except she is female, smaller and her head is streamlined instead of square).  Her coloring and coat were almost an exact match.  Cooper did fine with their cat.  He will have such a great life with people who appreciate animals as part of their family.  I am truly impressed with the people who search rescue websites and have a heart big enough for “one more”.  Cooper will be company for their dog who recently lost her canine companion.  Cooper is a snuggler but 80 lbs is a lot more to snuggle than a Yorkie!   I hope Bella and Toby will find their forever home soon, too.  They are sweet dogs who love to sit in my lap or lay down on the floor close to me and snooze.  When they race up and down the hall (because they are only two years old), Luna and Maggie just watch them play from the sidelines.  Cooper usually barks at them if they get too rowdy.  Bella and Toby pause (maybe for 5 seconds) and then they ignore him.  It is fun to have a housefull….