Bella, Toby, Cooper, Maggie and Luna

Talk about a full house!  It is good for everyone.  Luna and Maggie “get” to share their toys and home, Cooper, Bella and Toby get to integrate into a bigger picture.  I have been clipping on Toby and Bella – mostly to help them get used to being handled.  To my surprise, Toby is sitting really well while I clip his hair – Bella is a little wiggle-worm and not at all cooperative with sitting still so she is looking a little lop-sided at the moment.  Now that I have looked at Bella a little closer, she is not totally black.  Her hind end is actually brown so it looks like she is wearing a pair of brown slacks.   Bella has the poodle tight curls; Toby’s hair is finer and wavy rather than curly.  Cooper had a meet and greet this afternoon and things went really well.  I am so excited for him!  On Friday, I will take him to his new home.  A very experienced couple and their current rescue dog (who is almost Cooper’s twin except she is female, smaller and her head is streamlined instead of square).  Her coloring and coat were almost an exact match.  Cooper did fine with their cat.  He will have such a great life with people who appreciate animals as part of their family.  I am truly impressed with the people who search rescue websites and have a heart big enough for “one more”.  Cooper will be company for their dog who recently lost her canine companion.  Cooper is a snuggler but 80 lbs is a lot more to snuggle than a Yorkie!   I hope Bella and Toby will find their forever home soon, too.  They are sweet dogs who love to sit in my lap or lay down on the floor close to me and snooze.  When they race up and down the hall (because they are only two years old), Luna and Maggie just watch them play from the sidelines.  Cooper usually barks at them if they get too rowdy.  Bella and Toby pause (maybe for 5 seconds) and then they ignore him.  It is fun to have a housefull….

Fostering is an adventure!

Cooper joined us about a month ago so that I could get to know him.  He integrated well with Maggie and Luna.  I’m once again walking three miles five days a week – yes, an 80 lb dog that needs daily exercise tends to motivate me.  He loves playing with the tennis ball but – it is no substitute for a walk.  So, we have Cooper (80 lbs), Luna (60 lbs) and Maggie (40 lbs) — and now we have temporarily added Bella and Toby.  They are each no bigger than a minute – probably 5-7 lbs each, litter-mates, 2 years old.  They need some canine socialization (Toby more than Bella) so I threatened Cooper, Luna and Maggie within an inch of their lives and told them they needed to STAY QUIET and NOT DO ANYTHING when introduced to Bella and then Toby.  The three big dogs sat like rocks – Bella and Toby were barking and clearly scared.  Maggie showed her teeth a couple of times but overall was restrained.  Cooper and Luna just watched the two little ones and then looked over at me with REALLY? written all over their faces.  That was four days ago – we are all doing fine now so I’m ready to up the ante and introduce Bella and Toby to additional dogs.  Bella and Toby are not leash savvy – the only thing that saves them is they are so small.  Even so, they need to learn how to walk on leash.  I took four of them out walking (Cooper, Luna, Bella and Toby) but four was too many.  Now Bella and Toby are walking with Maggie – three smaller dogs is a much more manageable walk.

3 month kitty fosters needed

NWAC participated in catching and calming members of a feral cat colony from the Lloyd Center area. We took in and worked with some of the young kittens. The four kittens are fine with the foster family but need to expand their social network to include other people prior to being ready for adoption. We are asking for experienced cat people who would be interested in working with 1-2 of these 6 month old kittens. They will still be shy/scared in new situations. They will require patience, time and interest in introducing these beautiful little ones to a slightly bigger world. We are thinking that exposing them to an experienced environment for 2-3 months (no kids or dogs for now) will prepare them for a forever home. If you are interested in working with them on a short-term basis, please use the “info” NWAC e-mail address to contact us. THANK YOU

Duck Park Walk

Hadley and I have been enjoying the duck pond. It is a nice park in the Beaverton area with a lot of creatures potentially far more interesting than me. There are heron, photographers, kids, other dogs, joggers, fishermen, nutrients and, of course, DUCKS. It is a fun place for a walk and a great place to practice paying attention to the other end of the leash. The only bad part about Friday (Hadley’s opinion) is that it was also bath day. She is so pretty when she is fluffy from her bath!

Hadley – work in progress

I am spending Wednesday and Friday mornings with Hadley. We are working on a number of areas and both of us are making progress! Hadley came to us as a very small puppy (7 weeks old) a couple of years ago. She was thought to be a Lab or Golden mix of some sort and was adopted as a first-dog experience to a wonderful family; Mom, Dad, two young girls and a cat. As Hadley grew, she played well with the kids but the cat soon decided to stay on a different floor of the house (probably a wise move) and excused herself from family life. After a recent, unfortunate skirmish between Hadley and a small dog, the family decided that with two small children who are not reliable about closing the door after themselves when they go outside to play; Hadley would be better served with a different (i.e. more vigilant/experienced, non-cat) home. Because we had adopted Hadley out and because we ask that all our adoptive animals are returned to us if something doesn’t work out, Hadley came back to us and for the first time – Hadley and I met each other. It is so much easier to look at a DOG and determine breed than it is to look at a young puppy and try to determine breed. I don’t know exactly what Hadley’s mix is but her temperament and boxy head scream Chow. Hadley is an absolute clown – so funny – she loves to tease! She also likes to have her own way and needs to be reminded of which end of the leash is calling the shots (correct answer: MINE). I have been giving her weekly baths – which she endures but isn’t thrilled about – and we’ve been walking – and walking – and walking. So far, it is just the two of us building a solid foundation. Soon we will work with a Trainer in a controlled environment and introduce her to other dogs so that we can see what (if anything) will happen. There will need to be some failures in order to correct any unwanted behavior. The good news? The cat is back interacting with the family. These are horribly difficult decisions but kudos to the family for realizing that something needed to change both for Hadley and for their family…ultimately, I suspect some sort of subtle mind-manipulation originating from the cat. Onward!

What a beautiful week …

I hope you have been out and about with friends and family – including the furballs!  This past week has been full of excitement as we work in placing dogs/puppies and cats/kittens in foster care.  We work with the greatest foster families in Portland!  If you would like to join us in this effort, please send an e-mail to the “volunteer” e-mail or call our voice mail at 503-285-0656.  We do not have a shelter facility so the number of displaced pets we can help transition is directly related to the number of foster homes we have available.  It is a heart-warming way to transition displaced pets without going through the trauma of a shelter environment.  Please, get involved!

I blame the snake …

Chewie stopped mid-stride during our evening walk, eyes riveted on the sidewalk.  Just as my foot was coming down, a sidewalk crack morphed into a little garter snake and slithered away.  It startled us but we continued our walk.  A brisk game of backyard catch with the tennis balls when we got home and then off to bed.  One of the other dogs brought a stuffed duck toy to bed and put it under her chin.  She must have wiggled it somehow because from across the bed, Chewie came alive.  He barked and rushed the dog/duck toy all the while shaking like a leaf.  It wasn’t until I tossed the duck toy to him and he pounced on it absolutely hysterical that I realized he was terrified but ready to defend himself.  The duck toy, which has been here for months without incident,  had to be removed from the room before peace was restored.  I totally blame the snake …

Summer, summer, summer

I love Summer!  I wish I had the yard finished so that I could play!  Hope springs eternal and maybe I’ll have it done soon.  There are so many opportunities to take your pup out and about right now.  I just went to the Hollywood Farmers Market this morning (dogs welcome after 10:00am) and was pleasantly surprised with the number of people dog training and just enjoying their pets.  I hope you were one of those people – if so, you have a lucky pup.

Help NWAC By Grocery Shopping!


Fred Meyer has recently rolled out an awesome program, Community Rewards, that helps you support your favorite nonprofit just by shopping at Fred Meyer with your Rewards Card. They are donating $2.5 million each year (up to $625,000 each quarter) to the local schools, community organizations and nonprofits of your choice! All you have to do is link your Rewards Card and use it when you shop at Fred Meyer.

To link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to Northwest animal Companions, click the Fred Meyer logo above to access their Community Rewards page, and click on ‘Link Your Rewards Card Now‘. Enter 86152 in the search field, which will bring up Northwest Animal Companions and click Save to finish! It’s so easy and it helps so much.

Don’t forget the dog biscuits and catnip!


A Rescue Story

jonah ivy pic
When Jonah came into rescue (11/7/13) at the wee age of seven weeks with a broken leg, his owners couldn’t pay to fix it and they were considering the worst. That’s when NWAC stepped in and took Jonah into rescue. Two broken bones in his front right leg. Plan: put a cast on it for seven weeks and~ ta-da!~ healed bones. Well, as fate would have it, the bones healed (thank you Greenway Vet Clinic for all you do to help our rescues), but the growth plate was damaged. One of Jonah’s bones, the ulna, had stopped growing. This was causing pain AND causing his growing radius bone to bow, causing his elbow to be pulled from its socket. YIKES!
Jonah underwent surgery,(2/20/14) his ulna was re-broken and pins put in his legs with actuators on the external part of the leg. He will need these turned once a day to help lengthen the bone that has stopped growing. (similar to what is done to help humans lengthen legs).
Jonah pins

This surgery was done at Veterinary Surgical Center Portland by a very well known orthopedic animal surgeon, Dr. Munjar. Everything is looking great so far. Jonah now has follow up appointments every 10 days with x-rays to determine when the bone stops growing. Once his bones stop growing in length Dr. Munjar will be able to remove the “leg extending” apparatus, and Jonah should have a strong, stable leg to romp and play like any normal pup!

Jonah leg lenghthener3

THIS BILL WILL BE HUGE. But this precious healthy  pup deserves every chance at a life without pain. It was a human that caused his leg injury… it will be humans that do all that they can to make it right. 🙂

NWAC runs 100% by donations. We are an ALL volunteer rescue (no one gets paid). ALL donations go back into the animals we save. We do this to help these animal have better lives.


If you can help with Jonah’s bill, please click on our Paypal Donate button on the right side of your screen or contact us as to where to send donations… EVERY dollar is greatly appreciated and needed.

Please help and SHARE Jonah’s story if you will.
Jonah deserves it~ he’s a great pup… really great pup!