Adoption Application

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Name: *
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Phone Number: *
Type of Domicile: *
Do you: *
If you rent, please provide landlord's phone number:
How many people live at this address? *
Are there children at this home?
If there are children at this home, what are there ages?
What kind of animal are you looking for? *
Are you interested in a specific NWAC rescue animal? If so, who?
Please tell us about your previous pets (species, breed, spayed/neutered and where they sleep):
Are there any special requirements you have regarding the new animal? (e.g. age, sex, size, maintenance needs) *
If you adopt a cat, are you intending to declaw? *
Who will care for an animal while you are not at home?
Do you prefer an animal to be: *
Do you have secure fencing? *
If you do not have secure fencing, how will you contain the animal?
Do you have any questions or comments?
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