Tony, Tony, Tony — I sure do miss that little guy.  He came to us from a family that didn’t socialize him and so the whole outside world was a very BIG and SCARY place.  Tony reacted by trying to run and hide.  If that wasn’t successful then he became a whirling, churning biting machine.  Thank goodness he went from a home to my foster home and didn’t get into an actual shelter; I think that experience would have done him in.  As anyone who has worked with fearful dogs knows, it is a very long, slow process.  The good news is that after two years at my house with multiple dogs that he could observe and learn from, Tony became a confident little lovebug – but only with his pack.  If anyone came to the house, he immediately tried to hide or stood his ground (shaking in his boots) and loudly barking.  Fortunately, we work with an experienced foster who considered him a challenge.  I realized his options were (1) become a failed foster and stay with me for life or (2) work with Kathy and her family including three very calm, experienced dogs.  Tony has come a long way and Kathy and I agree that if we can find the right person — with the right dog buddy — Tony is adoptable.  Incredible work but well worth it.  Tony is a total sweetheart as long as you know what you are doing; we just need the right pack to find this little treasure.